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Are you ready for DELE exam ( ?

NEXT DELE EXAMS - ( 24th May, 23rd August and 22nd Nov.  2013)

Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language

How to get my DELE diploma

Inform yourself


This webpage has been launched by Institute of Spanish Studies, J P Nagar, Bangalore, to provide you with the essential information about the DELE exams and diplomas – the examination, the different levels, the conditions for inscription etc.

By 8 steps we will give you all information necessary, essential and useful, clearly structured and easy to understand.

Our `DELE – STEP by STEP´ will dispel your doubts, answer all your questions and also at the same time offer you a test of your level of Spanish.

Furthermore you will find here information on how to acquire the necessary techniques to help you pass the examinations.

I. STEP ONE. General Information

What are the DELE diplomas ?

What are the advantages of a DELE diploma for me?

Which different DELE levels exist?

II. STEP TWO. How can I find out which level I have?

III. STEP THREE. How and where can I prepare for my DELE exam ?

Can I get access to model exams or other material of past DELE examinations ?

Where can I attend a DELE preparation course ?

IV. STEP FOUR. Preparing the registration for the DELE exams

What conditions and requirements do I have to consider?

Which documents do I have to provide when enroling?

V. STEP FIVE. The registration for the DELE exam

Where and when can I register?

How much is the registration fee for DELE examinations ?

Where and how do I have to pay for my DELE examination ?

VI. STEP SIX. Sitting the DELE examination

Where can I register for the DELE Exam and when can I take it ?

Where can I take the DELE exam ?

Which DELE examination dates are offered?

Which documents do I have to bring in the day of my DELE examination?

VII. STEP SEVEN. The DELE examination

How are the DELE exams structured?

VIII. STEP EIGHT. After my DELE exam

When will I be notified?

Who can I contact if I do not agree with the assessment?

The Instituto Cervantes awards the DELE diplomas on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

A DELE diploma is an official certificate with an international reputation which certifies a certain level of competence in using the Spanish language.

What are the advantages of a DELE diploma for me?

The diplomas DELE are qualifications you can obtain in addition to the qualifications you have acquired at school or university. Due to their international reputation these diplomas can be very useful for your further career – especially if you are cooperating with Spanish companies or planning to work in a Spanish speaking country.

DELE has total 6 levels : A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2

Where can I attend a DELE preparation course ?

Contact us at :

If you wish to sit an examination for a DELE diploma, you have to take into consideration the following:

1. When enroling, you have to provide your Identity Card issued by govt of your country. You have to be resident of a state in which Spanish is not an official language.

2. Citizens of Spanish speaking countries who are residents of states where Spanish is not an official language, can enrol if they meet at least two out of the following conditions:

o Spanish is not the native language of either of their parents

o Spanish is not the conventionally used language

o Spanish is not the first language acquired by the candidate

o Spanish was not, neither partly nor in total, the language of primary of secondary education.

DELE exam 2013 - in Bangalore, on 24th May

We hope this information is helpful.

In case you need any further detail regarding the preparation, you may write to us : , info@instituteofspanishstudies.comWe prepare you for DELE Exams, Contact Us

Start your classes today,before it's too late. Instituto Cervantes conducts its DELE exam in Bangalore only once a year.

For your DELE exam, we wish you GOOD LUCK!!!


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