Monday, November 21, 2016

Learn Spanish, the second international language

Today, between 350 and 420 million people speak Spanish as a native language,making it the world's second most-spoken language by native speakers (after Chinese).
Today, Spanish is an official language of Spain, most Latin American countries, and Equatorial Guinea; 20 nations speak it as their primary language. Spanish also is one of six official languages of the United Nations. Mexico has the world's largest Spanish-speaking population, and Spanish is the second most-widely spoken language in the United States and the most popular studied foreign language in U.S. schools and universities. Global internet usage statistics for 2007 show Spanish as the third most commonly used language on the Internet, after English and Chinese.
It is estimated that the combined total of native and non-native Spanish speakers is approximately 500 million, likely making it the third most spoken language by total number of speakers (after English and Chinese).

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We are an institute by native and Indian Spanish teachers. We had been teaching Spanish at various institutes in Bangalore, We have come together and started our own institution to combat foreign language mafia in Bangalore. People who have nothing to do with the foreign languages are controling the institutions and working as agents. Students are paying higher fees and quality of education is not at par. Genuine teachers of foreign languages feel exploited and cheated. Many institutes make false promises to make a student fluent in just 30 days or 2 months, just to extract their money. Such students feel cheated after paying hefty fees and their enthusiasm for learning a language vanishes. We appeal Spanish enthusiasts to judge the institute by quality of it's teachers, not by advertisement and infrastructure etc.


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